What is customer service

What is customer service

Customer service is after purchasing a product to help use it or any problems associated with it. It is for any kind of problem or question related to the same kind. In which any person who wants to buy or has purchased that goods can use this service to ask any question related to the goods or get help by explaining the problem related to it. It also means an organization that determines the value of an object. Apart from this, there are those organizations which spend more money in training their employees or take product feedback by the customer.

what is customer service

What is customer help

Customer support is mainly known as customer service. In this, customer service representatives tell a customer how to use the right product for them properly. In this, provide information about its planning, setting up, training, problem and how to fix it. Many times it is also assisted by going to the customer.

What is Automated customer service

This automated customer service is provided primarily by a person (who is a sales or customer service provider) at the time of purchase of a product or at an interval of time or on an internet site (website). The advantage of this is that it increases the time to serve. It is available 24-hours and anyone can go to it and get a solution to their problem or question.

Another example of this is found in the phone. Many companies offer options by making phone calls. For example, one press to select the Hindi language, two presses for the other language. With this, by pressing the digits on the phone, they give further options and solve many problems. It is already highlighted that such a problem can occur and one can ask such questions.

what is customer service

This type of service has become much more useful in online and internet times. In which any person can go to a site (website) through the internet to get information related to the product and if any other information is needed, he can talk through it. It also has bots for online talk which work for answering the prescribed questions given by the company.

What is Quick response

Recently some organization has created a cycle to get feedback in which after a certain time they ask the customer about their section. The advantage of this is that due to lack of any service in any customer, that organization fixes it before it leaves and the customer keeps using the same service. Due to ending customer problem, the customer thinks about coming there next time too. Using technology has provided great leverage in the way companies receive customer feedback. Through this, they can quickly get information about any problem or any type of experience from any customer. Blogs and question forums are also helpful in providing good and detailed information to customers.


It helps the customer in many ways.

  1. If there is a defect in a product, the company refunds its money. So that he bought the product from there next time too.
  2. Always use positive words.
  3. They always choose the right item for customers.

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