Black Hat SEO Techniques

18 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Also Avoid

18 Black hat SEO Techniques to Also Avoid

Black Hat SEO is used to get top rank in search results. This is against search engine guidelines and leads your site towards Penalty. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO can give immediate results, but over time, it also has the opposite effect, your ranking may be reduced and your site may be completely blacklisted from search results. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO techniques can damage your ranking instead of improving your ranking.

In This article I will tell you about 18 bad SEO techniques that you need to avoid.

So let’s start…

Black Hat SEO Techniques Also Avoid

As I already said, the Black Hat SEO search engine is against Guidelines and receives top rankings. But your website can be completely remove from search engine results over time.

Bad SEO Techniques are mentioned below that can harm your Google Ranking.

1. Keyword Stuffing

Keywords repeating in your article is called Keyword stuffing. This creates a bad experience on the user.

Here is an example of Keyword Stuffing:

Are you looking for cheap android phone? If you are looking for cheap Android phones, then our website is the best place to order new cheap Android phones. You can select cheap Android phones from the list below. Black Hat SEO Techniques

In the olden days, this Technique was effective and was used to achieve the top rank in search results. But now, Keyword stuffing means Black Hat Techniques. Google will Penalize your site.

Always write quality content and use keywords correctly. Keep Keyword density 1.5% – 2% in your Article. Also, use the related keyword. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Instead of filling your content with keywords, focus on writing useful content. Because Google is smarter than you.

2. Cloaking

Cloaking is a technique in which the content shown to the user is different from the content the search engine crawler displays. Spam websites using cloaking to avoid search engine bots.

If Google finds that the site is cloaking, then Google can ban the site Permanently. Because it violates Google’s Guidelines. Black Hat SEO Techniques

If you want to know how Google sees your website, you can use Google’s URL Inspection tool and compare what users see.

3. Sneaky Redirects

Redirects are used to send visitors from one page to another. It is particularly used when a page is moved to a site, or when the site is moved to a completely new domain. Black Hat SEO Techniques

But unfortunately, this Method is also used in black hat. This is similar to Cloaking. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Always avoid Sneaky redirects. They violate the Google Search Engine Guidelines.

4. Paid Links

Search engines (Google) do not like sites that buy and sell links. Apart from this, it also does not like the site of link exchanges (“You link me, I will link you”). Also, do not use automated programs or services to create links on your site. Black Hat SEO Techniques

This breaks Google’s Guidelines. You can read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to know this in detail.

5. Spam Comment

Comments help in creating backlinks. Many bloggers or website owners use it as an spam comment to create backlinks. Currently, it is one of the most popular Black Hat SEO Techniques.

You must have seen spam comments. These are Automated comments, which often contain keywords and spam links. Black Hat SEO Techniques

That’s why most blogs now use nofollow tags for comment links. Google does not follow nofollow comment links and does not pass link juice.

If you are using bad SEO techniques (Automated comment) to create backlinks, then you are on the path of black hat SEO. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Also, if someone comments spam on your site, delete them. Various plugins are available to automatically filter spam comments. Here I have listed some of the best antispam plugins for WordPress that you can use.

6. Duplicate Content

There are many new bloggers who copy-paste the content of other popular blogs. And he feels that he too will become a blogging star like her. But they are absolutely wrong – this strategy belong from black hat SEO. Black Hat SEO Techniques

The “copy-paste” content matches one another or looks very similar. As a result, such content does not rank among SERPs. Search engines like Google like unique content.

7. Article Spinning

The re-writing of an article is called “Article Spinning”.

This is similar to copying content. Many users consider themselves smart and spin the content of popular blog using third-party tool or website. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Article Negative Effects of Spinning:

  • This creates low-quality and sometimes unreadable content.
  • Creates a bad experience on the reader.
  • Make you unprofessional.

9. Invisible Text & Link

Invisible texts means writing white text in a content or website. These are not visible to the text visitor, but search engine crawlers can easily view and index them. Black Hat SEO Techniques

A few years ago, it was very easy to rank in search engines using this technique. But now search engines have become much smarter than before. And this technique now refers to the black hat SEO strategy. Black Hat SEO Techniques

It is most commonly used by hackers to hide links. In addition, many new bloggers put a large list of invisible keywords in their articles to get better rank in SERPs.

10. Over Optimizing Alt Tag

Images make your article more engaging and attractive. But most importantly, use the correct alt descriptions for your images.

Search engines (Google) cannot read the image, understand the image with the help of the alt tag – what it is about. If you add too many keywords to it, it will be called Over-optimized and it refers to the Black hat technique. Black Hat SEO Techniques

11. Link Farms

Link farms are a collection of websites that connect each other. This increases the number of inbound links and boosts your ranking.

Search engines (Google) rank websites using the number of links and other factors. But the link farm has a negative effect because Google considers it a spam method. Black Hat SEO Techniques

The use of link farms was very popular in the days when page rank mattered, but as time changed, Google also changed, and now this technique leads your site to penalties.

Search engines also easily detect link farm, so you should avoid using this. Black Hat SEO Techniques

12. Mirror Sites

Duplicate versions of the main website is Called Mirror Site. It is used to increase traffic and website ranking.

Google can easily detect and penalize duplicate content. Each search engine prefers Original content over duplicate or mirror sites. Black Hat SEO Techniques

13. Doorway Pages

These are low-quality pages that are optimized by keywords to rank. But do not provide any value to the visitor. Black Hat SEO Techniques

These types of pages are specifically designed for search engines, not for Human.

You can read Google’s Guidelines to know about this in detail – Doorway pages

14. Link Exchange

Link exchange is a quick and easy way to increase traffic and improve rankings.

This method works on a short-term basis! But there are risks. If you add bad links and unrelated links in your website, it also affects your ranking. Black Hat SEO Techniques

15. Social Network Spam

Sharing a large share of irrelevant links in the Social Network is considered as spamming.

Spam occurs in social networks when links are sent repeatedly to unrelevant groups / pages / people or private messages. Black Hat SEO Techniques

16. Paid Traffic

When you buy traffic from unknown websites, you will see that your blog’s bounce rate has increased, which means that people only come to your homepage and exit from your blog. Black Hat SEO Techniques

If your site’s Bounce rate increases, it is not good for SEO. Also, when you buy traffic for your Adsense enabled blog, your AdSense account will be banned.

17. Writing Poor Content with Keyword Rich

This is also one of the black hat techniques, which results in deindexing your website in Google search engine.

If you publish low quality content on your blog, but fill it with keywords, then your content will not rank. Furthermore, Google does not value such content. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Therefore, only pull quality and informative content on your site.

18. Content Scraping

Content Scraping means stealing content from another website.

Using RSS feeds to republish content on your site is called Content Scraping. Google does not like such blogs and even penalizes them. Because it is against Google Guidelines. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Last thought

There is no doubt that Black Hat SEO is risky and can also be Penalized by Google. This directly violates search engine guidelines. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black hat SEO is used by people who are looking for fast results. But this has the opposite effect over time, they may face a decrease in rankings and be completely blacklisted from search results. Black Hat SEO Techniques

Always use white hat SEO strategy. It is better for search engine optimization. If you want to run your online business in long term, then never use black hat SEO.

And most importantly, be updated with Webmaster guidelines so that you can avoid black hat SEO techniques.

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