5 Content Sharing Websites That Will Help Increase Blog Traffic

5 Content Sharing Websites That Will Help Increase Blog Traffic

In this era of digital marketing, everyone wants to increase traffic on his site and become more followers. This is not so easy because for that you need to present your site or blog properly. People like to read the same information which is presented correctly. This clearly means that whatever you give on your site or blog should be well-researched and there should not be any such thing that makes the reader feel that you have deviated from the subject or topic. content sharing websites

Content Sharing Websites

It is also an important thing that you should keep the settings of your blog or site correct. A blog or website that loads in a short time and well-run readers come to the same site. If your site takes longer then they will close it so that your bounce rate will also increase.

According to Google, the sites that give good information get the rank and increase traffic on them, so it is very important to correct the settings of your site or your blog. article sharing sites

For those who share articles, it is important to see some sites that work in the same field and manage a very good rank and traffic. Let’s see 5 such sites which are very important to know about.

5 Content Sharing Websites that all Bloggers should know

By the way, there are many content sharing webistes on the Internet, with the help of which you can easily share your blog content and increase some traffic, but in this post we have learned the most effective Content Sharing Websites that all bloggers need to use. content sharing sites

1. Letsdiskuss:

This is a Question and Answer Website, one of the known name is from this site. This site also promotes quality content and if the readers have any questions, they can also be posted on this platform. Whatever other users of this platform, who have good knowledge in the relevant subject, give answers to the questions of the readers. free content sharing websites

Content Sharing Websites

The special feature of this platform is that here the reader can ask questions in both Hindi and English languages ​​and can also find answers in these two languages. You can also post the reply posted on this site on other platforms such as WhatsApp and facebook and tweeter. This platform also gives you the opportunity to publish your quality content and create a link, which can increase the traffic of your blog or website. blog post sharing sites

Like other platforms, you can also publish quality content here and together you can also apply relevant video or image. Which can increase your blog’s visibility even more. This platform is new compared to other sites and platforms but in such a short time, many readers have joined it, which shows the quality and work style of this platform. content sharing websites

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The DA PA of this emerging platform is also very high, which can help you a lot in increasing traffic.

2. Quora:

This is a site that hardly anyone has heard of. This is a platform where any user can ask any question, the answer of which any expert who has a particular knowledge of this field gives the right answer from which the questioner can get a proper answer and if he has any If there is doubt, a solution can also be found. This is a site that even allows marketing through content. content sharing websites

Content Sharing Websites

By answering the question here, you can also tell people about your products or services, which can increase the traffic on your site. There are about 700000 followers on this site who visit the site every month, ask questions and can also get good answers from them. DA PA of this site is also considered to be very good, which helps the user to divert traffic to his site. DA of this site is 93 while PA is 76. When it comes to ranking, this site holds a rank of 84. content sharing websites

3. Scoop.It:

Scoop.It is also a big name in social marketing sites. This site can help you to show and publish your quality content to others. This is a platform where your selected topics are shown on the content hub so that whatever readers are there can divert to your site from there. Getting started on this site is very easy. content sharing websites

Content Sharing Websites

You have to create an account, after which you can search the related subjects of your content which you want to insert and limit it to the relevant subject of your subject. Because of this, people get to know your quality content and they can become readers of your blog. For good response, you have to like those topics and pages on this platform that have at least five thousand readers per month. content sharing websites

Before getting the content live on this platform, it is necessary to get it approved by Scoop.It. Therefore, you only have to insert quality and relevant content and it is also necessary to design it properly or else your content can be rejected. Once your content has been approved on this platform, from there you are given a link from which readers can access your premium content or blog. If DA PA of this site is seen which is 92 and 73, then the accessibility of this site can be gauged. The site ranks 2337. content sharing websites

4. Outbrain:

It is a fairly good platform to appear on well-known and well-known sites. From here your content can be shown on big platforms such as CNN, ESPN and People, which is its biggest advantage. This site is different from other platforms in that the PPC model is used here. This means that you have to pay only as many clicks as you have on your blog or site. content sharing websites

Content Sharing Websites

You just have to submit your good content here and decide a budget, how much you want to pay for each click and how long you want to show this information there. The biggest feature of this platform is that you can decide in which location you want to show your content and on which platform you want to share it. It is important to remember here that your content is of good quality and related to the subject. The global ranking of this site is 379 while DA is 82 and PA 62. content sharing websites

5. Linkedin Slideshare:

Normally this platform was created to share slides to companies’ employees, which has now become open source for all. To create content on this platform, an account has to be created and content can be added only after the account has been approved. On this platform, content can also be inserted through open office, PDF and slide and power point and word. content sharing websites

Content Sharing Websites

Due to this, it is considered a professional content platform. Videos and webinars can also be loaded on this platform. This platform is very important in the market and its content is also considered very reliable. That is why this platform is very special for those who want to develop content by professionally making it visible. About 8 million new visitors visit this site every month. content sharing websites

Which shows how much access this site has. By putting content on this platform with the best DA and PA, traffic can be increased significantly on your site or blog. To get a good rank on this platform, it is important to have quality, presentation and image and graphic of your content. This site has DA 95 and PA 85 while ranking 175. content sharing websites

Some Important Points for Quality Content:

No matter what platform you put your content on, you have to remember something special here. Whether it is Google or any other platform, the quality of your content is important.

You have to do full research for quality content and quote relevant information so that readers get to know something new. If there is no specific information in your content, neither Google will rank it nor any other platform. Apart from this, you also have to pay attention to the theme and design of your blog or site. content sharing websites

The response, loading time and visibility of the blog or site on mobile and computer also play an important role that can reduce or increase the bounce ratio of your blog or site. If this ratio increases then the visibility of your blog or site may decrease. content sharing websites

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